Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reely Enchanted

Watched "Enchanted" last night. The movie was a good, light-hearted hour or so but the best part was the closing credit art by yU+Co.... "using illustrations, ornamental type, flowering vines that weaves together one iconic image after another". It is truly lovely. Also watch "Bee" movie credits he credited.

Studio Daily blog, Reel FX, Prologue.

10 of the best credit sequences from Laboratory 101.

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S'mee said...

Thor and I -since the beginning of time- have always stayed to watch the entire credits. Had to find out who was "Best Boy" and wait for the crowd to thin.

Now the credits are so entertaining more and more folks sit through to the end, you never know what you'll miss! I love creative ways to keep you watching, great.