Sunday, September 30, 2007

Organized Collections

Camilla started an "organized collections " group. I have not had time to add anything to it until today. Instead of WORKING on my freelance job ... I shot a few of our collections around the house. It is funny how all of our home decorations are collections. We collect:

sea shells
beach glass
eggs (stone)
all the stuff I collect for assemblage!
wooden apples

wooden ducks
boxes, lots of boxes
old photos
letters, numbers, scrabble tiles, hot type, old metal stencils, large initials
indian baskets
wooden folk art fishes
Oaxacan folk painted folk art animals
small totems
seed pods
small glass bottles
wind-up toys (lots of them)
playing cards
skulls and antlers
miniature chairs
paper or fabric lanterns

mismatched wine glasses (etched or decorative)
mismatched tea cups
tea pots
japanese tea sets
Western (cowboy) china sets

Feathers collection

Bobblehead collection

Wooden duck collections

Letter and number collection

Assemblage art junk collection

Ok, now I must go work!


Nimbostratusdweller said...

I saw a cool 'building' driving up north today, it would make a great museum for your collections!

I think you're ready!

Hanna said...

I think you would be labeled "collector"? Hmm... yes I think so. Fun photos, I love the rose mug and the photo of the sticks! I'm a collector too, but mostly of memories and junk! :-) Oh, and books.

Anonymous said...

I need to downsize-Can I add to D.s stuff that I'm saving because he knows where it is. I could really help out your collections. You have no idea of the surprises you would get. OPKS

La Tea Dah said...

I love all your collections --- and think it's really neat that you include things from nature. Nature's gifts are wonderful. I love my heart shaped rocks from the Oregon coast, and bird feathers that I have stuck in a jar at the cabin, and deer antlers in my garden, and other of nature's gifts.

Thanks for sharing your extensive list of collections!

:) LaTeaDah

Kim Carney said...

I have D's collection all here ;) But if you are really tired of housing it, I guess we could accomodate ;)

Thank you all

And LaTeaDah, I love the antlers the most ;)