Thursday, September 27, 2007

Evangelist Gone Wild

Remember Dr. Gene Scott? I assumed and hoped they had tossed him off the air years ago. Crazy televangelist that smoked cigars, pimped his paintings, showed us home videos of him riding his horses, all the time, ranting and raving uncomfortably close to the monitor for his audience to send him money? I would become so disgusted with his holy crap, I called often to complain (in the 80’s). They always hung up on me. We watched this late nights in the design department at the paper. For tortured entertainment. This crazy woman has taken over for him, about 40 years his senior. Come to find out, he died two years ago, this is his third wife, spreading the word. She looks pretty comfortable on stage and in front of the camera because she has had previous acting experience when she dabbled in the porn film industry in her previous life.

I was always shocked that people sent him money. The man made millions of dollars! That the FCC allowed him to stay on the air with his language and IRS didn't lock him up! Hey, Gene, hope you are having a swell time wherever you are right now.

Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor and
Paul Eugene, for Gospel Aerobics.


dee said...

Oh my, there's a guy on public access here who draws huge charcoal pictures while he spews a bunch of crap about how the jews and "negroes" are taking over the world. I guess that's the true nature of free speech though-even an a--hole gets to say whatever he wants. Somehow I can't help thinking about all the young black members of the armed services who are fighting for this jerks right to say disgusting things. After everything that's happened to me in my life I'm still amazed and surprised by cruelty and hatred-huh!

Kim Carney said...

I guess I think people would use their "free speech" in a little better way, wouldn't you?

Yes, I agree!