Saturday, September 08, 2007


I can't believe it has been so long since I made a post. A real post, not just a link post. Blessed Saturday morning! No rushing from bed to car with a travel mug full of coffee. Work is eating my lunch. My brain feels heavy and thoughts, dark. But on Saturday, all seems light! All seems possible.

Several things have happened that I need to say thank you and haven't made time for lately.

The incredibly talented (and highly productive, the woman is literally a creative machine over there) Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio tagged me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger, along with many others - go check them out. Thank you so much, Kathy.

And I tag Rockin’ Girl Bloggers:
* Rita, the funniest woman I know. Not to mentioned talented, smart. You Rock, Rita. Rockin' Rita!
* S'mee, Knot In the String. An honest and intelligent journey.
* Food Chronicles, get ready to be hungry.
* Maureen, Raven's Nest, poet, photographer, lover of nature, landscaper, Mom of Sam, and other talented kids, wonderful friend. You Rock.
* Dee at Thea Quilts ... Rockin' quilter and thinker!
* Dear Ada, full of links! The blog makes me go OOHHH everytime. You are rockin' my link world, girl.

A package was sitting on my desk on Thursday from my wonderful friend Cynthia. We met so many years ago at a Poynter seminar in Florida and reconnected at SND in Houston a couple of years ago. The package had been "in the building" somewhere for over a year! It was a wonderful box of goodies and when I looked a the postmarked "May 06", I couldn't believe it. Thank you! If she would just start a blog, I would link to her ;)

Artist and freelance curator, Kirsty Hall tagged me as an inspirational blogger. I actually teared up because I feel more like a big blob blog lately than in inspirational blogger. So, from my heart, thank you Kirsty. Her Diary Project blog pure inspiration itself! "The Diary Project is a year long art project. Every day in 2007 I am drawing on an envelope, placing something secret inside and posting it to myself before my midnight deadline." Isn't that a great idea! And her site is chock full of valuable blogging information. The Award originated from Writers Review.

* My first tagged must be Erica. Firstly and foremost as she was my first creative blog addiction!
* Susan at Visual-Voice. Her spirit soars and her photography is complete visual treat and inspiration. I wish had time to read and re-read all of her post.
* Corey Amaro, Tongue in Cheek ... I always feel I have just jetted off some place beautiful when I read her blog.
* Ulla always puts a smile on my face, quickens my heartbeat when I see her links and art.
* Blogger friend from in the north, Kate Iredale, Thru my lens, lightly, documenting beautiful life, beautiful things in British Columbia.
* Generous, talented fiber artist Deborah Boschert in my old stompin' grounds! You are an inspiration!
* Mien's Red Red Day is pure joy to visit.

But I have to say, I have never met a blog that didn't inspire me to my core. All my links are inspirations! And there are so many more that I haven't taken the time to link to.

To top off all of that love with a big, bright cherry, I received an email last night from Becky telling me she loved my blog! She had been reading all of my blog! How much better can it get? Thank you all for making my life so full of love and light!


Deborah said...

Oh Kim! Thank you so much -- to be called generous and inspirational are very high compliments. I feel the same about you.

Wendee said...

You are indeed a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Yay! :)

The blogosphere may be vast, but the individual connections that we manage to make seem to keep the community very tight, the sense of support very real and present. Sending you hopes that work will break a little to allow lightness into your workweeks, and special wishes for a bright sunday morning to match what you must have felt this morning, too.


Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

You're awesome Kim and extremely kind with the nice words. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend (hey, what I'm doing on the computer right now)!

Kirsty Hall said...

I'm glad it came at just the right time, Kim.

chronicler said...

Wow, neat! Thank you Kim.

s'mee said...

(blushing, gushing, checking twice to see if it is really me)
Thank you Miss Kim! I am humbled by your nomination! I was so excited I call sis right on up and asked her to put it on my blog right away*!

I think I am more excited that you (celebrity sighting! lol) read my blog than the nod, but heck, thanks for both! Take some time, if you can, and enjoy your self. Say 'hey' to your mom for me.

(*um, that dang techno stuff...crickets chirping...)

maureen said...

ummm, Kim can you tell i've been absent from the blogworld alot lately? like you? heheh. I just stumbled on this post of yours and saw you had tagged me. I'm remiss. I haven't done the tag. well, I will try when i get more time. I love your blog and your photos and illustrations and you! xoxo maureen