Friday, September 14, 2007

Chinese Paper Goods

Chinese Paper Goods and Bookbinding, International Dunhuang Project both via BibliOdyssey (a most exquisite blog) ;)


Anonymous said...
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dee said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the great links. I spent the better part of the morning reading this and the last entry. Didn't we use dot give boatloads of wheat to other nations? It's getting a bit scary out there, no?
The Chinese paper good link is wonderful-I really enjoyed reading about this woman's collection. She must have aome stories to tell. For my birthday last year, I got a first edition of a book written by a man who lives here in town. He was born to American Missionaries in China in the 30s. It's his mother's story of their life there. I treasure it. Great story. You find the neatest sites!