Thursday, November 16, 2006

List For A Rainy Day

Rainy? Cold? Do you need a movie or a book to comfort you while you are wrapped up in a quilt? Desert Island Books list by Nancy Pearl. Add your own list.

Top 250 movies as voted by IMDB users. AFI’S 100 years ... 100 lists and the list of 100 movie quotes is very entertaining.

Two movies that I am looking forward to seeing -- The Fountain and Pan's Labyrinth.


vicci said...

Kim....I am just popping in to say hello....and wish you WELL! I don't post often enough to let you know....that I do keep an eye on you! I want to wish you a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving...surrounded by family and friends.....and lots of good yummy food (of course)...take good care....Vicci

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Vicci! and I am wishing you the same friends and fun and yum for Thanksgiving!

s'mee said...

Thanks for the links! So much fun! And... found one of my all time favorites came in (at 72, but hey it came in!)as one of the funniest movies of all time:

"Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" (the remake version, "The Money Pit" never came close to the original)

Which almost nobody has heard of, much less seen, but I LOVE it!

Kim Carney said...

That is so funny, two of my all time faves!
the best part is when she explaining the paint color from a little thread of yellow paint
there is a trailer of that at this link!
and we watch the Money Pit -- especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and put-out by my house. Just to keep it all perspective!