Saturday, November 04, 2006

Friday Faves On Sunday

I did not have time to post my Friday Faves, so here they are on Sunday.

Your moment of zen

November photograph by Linda Plaisted.

Nancy Bea's spooky Halloween photo.

This icy beauty from My Kind of Blog. This is one of many wonderful photographs there.

ocean, sea, eternity set by Jenny is breathtaking!

Storm Chaser by kamera kat.

Jason Gaylor's Design Fruit full of juicy goodness.


phlegmfatale said...

I LOVE the icy beauty - these links are all exquisite!

You've got to see these beads - I'm amazed by her characters

nancy bea said...

Oh Kim, thank you! I am so flattered that you chose my Halloween photo as one of your favorites. My son H was just going out the gate and turned back to tell me something and I saw the shot and screamed "Wait!" and ran for my camera. Fortunately, my family is camera-trained. :-)

Kim Carney said...

that was just wonderful, eerie, it just has that perfect halloween feel to it,
none of my family is camera trained, nor the dogs, maybe I should work on that ;)

Kim Carney said...

OMG, Rita, those beads are too cute, how do they do that that small?