Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getting An Early Start

I woke up very early this morning to head off for work early, then listened to the traffic report. I can leave at 7a and get there at 930a, or I can leave at 9a and get there at 10a. I decided against sitting in my car and opted to blog instead. Blogging, something I don't feel like I have time for anymore. The one thing that reminds me how fun life can be has been scratched off my list of fun-things-to-do. No time for IF, Studio Friday, Photo Friday, Inspriration Thursday. Work and guilt for not being there completing a big project on my days off are consuming me. You know how bad things come in 3's or 7's ... and I have reached my 7th. I keep in mind, God will not give you more than you can handle and trying to take some comfort in that.

Rain is coming down and high winds are on their way. Grey, dark and gloomy. I have been scrambling the last couple of days to get the leak in the rood fixed, finally did yesterday. I am hoping they found the leak, waiting to see if any water is trickling down the wall. Am getting an estimate to have the roof done soon. Fans are working to dry it all out. The contractor has been notified to come give me the price of the damage. I also took the pumpkins and all of the damaged drywall to the dump, washed off the slippery moss from the front stairs with a brush, fixed the vacuum cleaner and finally vacuumed up the mess. While I was focusing on the carpets, spot-cleaned little accidents and kid's messes. Managed to get some packages off to dear friends. Grocery shopped, made many business calls I needed to make. All yesterday while I should have gone into work on my day off. I am feeling very stretched these days. The studio is stacked sky-high with wet stuff from the furnace room, where all the water ended up and I want to get started on our Christmas cards. It will all come back together in time and patience.

Thanksgiving is coming! I love a Thanksgiving gathering with friends. Something to look forward to!


chronicler said...

I had no idea the traffic was so bad in the pacific northwest! Sounds like it is a lot like here!

I love your posts and I hadn't noticed the infrequency at all.

Oh how I love the thought of rainy weather. Read the thought of... once in a while it is fine, but I don't think I could handle it all the time like you guys do.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Elaine said...

I like the grey and wind and rain, probably because we get it so infrequently.

What do they say about life getting in the way of things? I hope your house dries out soon and you breathe freely again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Kim!

Kate I said...

Kim, I know the feeling of not having the time to play, to nurture yourself, or to immerse yourself in things that are just fun, fun,fun! I now do have that time, but for so many years it felt like a distant dream. Hang in there and to all my American friends...have a great Thanksgiving!

Carrie Sommer said...

Your traffic sounds almost as bad as L.A. traffic, I'm sorry to say. One reason I don't drive into the city as much as I would like to! And I totally understand the time issue thing - is it just lately, or are there not enough hours to do everything we need to or want to? And how did that creep up on us?

Be well and take time to take a big, long, deep breath. And a cup of tea never hurt either. XO

phlegmfatale said...

I can SO relate to this post. Lately I feel completely dogpiled by lifes little traumas and my self-sabotaging penchant for over-commitment. Here's what I've started doing in the past week, and it's helped my outlook immeasureably.

ONE THING. The enormity of everything has just been too much-- where do I start? Every day I'm picking one thing, or one element of a major thing that's been frustrating in my environment and taking 10 or 30 minutes to tackle it. It can be shredding the junk mail or just going around the house and gathering up all the shoes scattered about. I can go to bed that night feeling I improved one thing that has frustrated me. I don't know if this would help you - carving out an extra 10 or 30 minutes to do some tedious task may not be possible. It's just made me feel better, is all.
You also need to give yourself an artist date. 2 hours in a bookstore, go to a movie by yourself. go sit in a coffee house with a book. You need to put yourself on the list of things that are important for you to take care of-- you're precious.

I love you, and whatever happens, you'll get through all of this. Call me if you ever need me, ok?

One Crabapple said...

What a dark morning ! no wonder you opted to stay home and blog !

Yes, I certainly do understand the BUSY thing... and it seems like it started months ago and now I won't ever catch up.

There has got to be a message and an answer in there somewhere....but I don't have time to analyze right now. Laughing.

I feel for you on the roof thing and hope they did find the leak. I got a new roof last year and it took LOADS of anxiety off. I just kept worrying worrying and needing a roof. Ugh. Horrible. And the reroofing process is no picnic BTW - well I had to have it alll taken off and even had beams replaced.

well I am really helping things I can see by sharing all of that.

Aren't you glad I stopped by ?

Anyway, I do wish you would blow some of that rain down yonder here...we are dry as a bone and sure could use it.

Be well. Good luck on that commute!
Love, S.

herself said...

I think we are all in this boat, Kim. Some say that time itself has sped up as a way of explaning the frustration.

I sum it up this way... Look, I'm a

Kim Carney said...

Thank you all. One Crabapple ... it does help to know I am not the only one fretting over roof ... and that someone survived ....

herself, I love the pie! I did my pie according to hours spent on stuff and it was scary ;)

Love to Rita, thanks for listening and inspiring me.