Monday, March 21, 2005

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou When I Need You To Lick The Stamps?

They chose the road image. That went with the lyrics of the song that we used for inspiration "The Broken Road". My brother has taken a couple of wrong turns in his life, and we thought it would be appropriate for those who know him, and a symbol of choosing a different road for his future.

As luck should have it, have had many dinner parties to attend the last couple of weeks. All other spare time working on cards, hanging out at Kinkos, thinking about what I should have done. All projects are like that, once done. Oh, I should have done this, that. But Mom and I are mailing tomorrow, no matter what has been forgotten. My fun addition was a little 'ticket' to the wedding which included the rsvp and a little "special wish" end of the ticket. I scored the ticket and ask that folks write a special wish for the couple and give it to them. My mom leaves for Texas/Oklahoma in a week, leaving me here to try and remember where the skillet is stored in the kitchen, and how to separate laundry. I really hate it when she takes off for holiday. But she deserves to get away from us!




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gperez said...

Kim that looks FANTASTIC. Love the ticket.