Monday, March 14, 2005

HGTV - Crafters Coast To Coast

I hardly ever watch HGTV, my loss. Today I happened upon 'Crafters Coast to Coast'. Did not actually WATCH this segment on Felted Scarf, but my mom did, and said it was very interesting. Look how Maggie Kleinpete does it. Maybe one of you crafty lot should submit your name!

Deidre Oringer was also featured creating a wonderful sterling silver heart bracelet.

Anna Johansson making scrap metal roosters. I love these.


meggiecat said...

Aw! I missed it and that is one of my favorite episodes because of the metal roosters. The teabirds are new to her site. I'm green with wanting.

phlegmfatale said...

Wowee! I saw that episode yestiddy too! Lurved that swamp scarf.

Cassi said...

Aren't those roosters so cool?! I saw that episode a little while back and thought that was such a great idea. Thanks for the link to her site :)