Monday, March 21, 2005

More Wedding Invitations

I have received some wonderful invitations/save the dates. And of course, I don't throw them away. I keep all, as mailed, with all elements.

Save the date.


My friend, Katie used a leaf, oak tree as her art element for her fall wedding. A tree she created was used on all of her favors. The colors were perfect.


Chi, printed back and front of velum. Tied up all elements with a red thread and rice paper, used a little piece of torn red paper on the back of the envelope in lieu of a seal, and mailed it all in a beautiful vellum envelope. It was stunning!



Invitation was printed on both sides of vellum, this is a flower image only on the back, invitation and text on the front. The flower printed on back shown through the text.



chronicler said...

Very Nice! Question: I am doing some scrapbooking and am trying to print on vellum for that project. The ink doesn't want to dry. Is there a specific ink to use in an inkjet printer?

Lan-Chi Lam said...

Hi there - Chi here !
A few things about vellum that make it difficult to work with:
1. It does not have natural fibers for ink to grab onto
2. Its finishing process and chemicals also make it difficult for ink to settle (lots of plastic and wax).

After a few experients on different printers, I discovered high-quality laser printers work the best. On bubble-jets, I found allot of bleeding and the ink running all over the place. A really important thing that high-quality laser printers do is "heat-set" the ink after it has been set on the paper/vellum - this process prevents the ink from bleeding and running.

If you do not have a high-quality laser printer at home (they are really expensive), I suggest printing your designs on regular white paper and bringing the printout and your vellum to a digital printshop (kinkos, office depot, etc). Ask them to color copy your designs on the vellum.

Thanks Kim for the feature. Love you !

Deb said...

I have been watching friends of mine plan their daughters’ weddings over the last few years trying to take notes of what they did that I liked with the anticipation of my own daughter’s upcoming wedding. I knew it would happen one day, but not this soon. I don’t think a mother is every quite ready for such a daunting task. I have to admit that it is exciting as well. We have decided on the venue for the reception and have selected her wedding announcements but still have to choose her dress, flowers, photographer, videographer, etc. I can’t believe how expensive all this is! My keyword search looking for ideas brought me to More Wedding Invitations. I appreciate your comments. This is quite an education.

Anonymous said...


I love your idea! Is there any chance of finding out where you got the flower pic? I've been looking everywhere on the net with not much success. Is it a flower that you found with a white background? Or did you take it yourself?

Thank you!

Kim Carney said...

I think that is mine friends, but do you want a silouette of a flower or a real flower?

I have tons of flowers on flickr

Elsa said...

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