Saturday, March 19, 2005


I can not decide whether to join Flickr for the year. I just realized they only archive 100 images, so many are now not available to me. Well, they can't store them all I guess, and they need to be a viable business. Still thinking. But in the meantime, after finally doing a little reading on their site, made my own Flickr address: Something To See - get it ;). I really should keep up with this stuff more carefully, but honestly, I can barely keep up with my email and the maintenance (or lack of) of my own computer, printer, scanner, zip disk, etc. At present, my cd drawer will not open, all ready took it in for problem some months ago, which means I can not burn cd's to get all of those photos to another storage. Am thinking about an additional 500 gig external hard drive. Dreaming of another computer, printer, and dvd burner, all in my thoughts.

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Charlotte said...

I went ahead and got a years subscription through them. I've been happy so far, you can store tons of photos. I've uploaded a lot so far and I still haven't hit 1% of my limit yet. It's great for sharing photos with family. Loved the wedding invitations by the way:)