Thursday, August 18, 2011

The news blues

Like we didn't know this was going on, but to hear it on the news is really depressing. The unemployed need not apply. Where help wanted ads are asking for only the currently employed to apply. My guess is that will cut the amount of resumes sent to just a few instead of hundreds.

Hey, folks. President Obama deserves a 10 day summer vacation! Trump: Obama 'Takes More Vacations Than Any Human Being I've Ever Seen'. Really, Donald? You are an asshole.

Rick Perry is questioning the threat of global warming. Hey, Rick ... have you taken a look around your own backyard?

Peter Oborne 's The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom. Is a great read about the looting and rioting that was going on in London.

And I guess I completely alienated a Texas family member when I asked them to quit sending me Obama-bashing emails generated by hate and fear. The last one that flipped my lid was accusing Obama of not allowing the American Flag in the White House. And I just lost it and replied before considering I wouldn't be hearing from that person anymore. ;0 But really, can we just keep our politics out of our emails? And quit forwarding crap before we check out the validity the content?


Erin Wilson said...

You give me hope, Kim! I get the news blues too, but it's from having a "downstairs neighbour" that often freaks me-the-hell-right out! I know we've got über-conservative nonsense up here too... but somehow it feels less threatening in it's blandness. Y'all have a flare for the dramatic that makes the neo-con stuff scary.

And while I love lots about the US... sometimes y'all might want to consider group meditation. ;)


Nicole | Wedding Flowers Store said...

sooo news blues... but you know what... it's analysis like yours what keep up the positive spirit!!

Natalie Thiele said...

Amen to that! (Not that I condone mixing church and state- another hideous phenomena.)

Maxinetoo said...

Amen sista ... wish all my friends would quit sending politically charged emails as well! We are all entitled to our opinions but I don't appreciate others forced on me.

Dorian Fletcher said...

Thanks for your level-headed observations. I sometimes despair when I watch the news and
listen to the commentary. It gives me hope that
there are other folks out there that have common
sense. Bravo, Kim!