Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bowled over

I got completely sucked into my Pinerest this morning looking at bowls! I love my collection! Most of mine are collected from a local Goodwill. I have mentioned them before. But this morning I decided to document them a little better. I have many wooden bowls I have collected at the Goodwill ... using them for art pieces. I think they have become a little too expensive these days for what they are. And you really have to check to make sure the wooden ones do not have cracks. I usually have my rocks in one large wooden bowl but changed it up a little.

Next week ... the box/container collection (mostly David's). That is intense!  

Week after that ... woven baskets!

Here is a little sample of my collection. Goodwill finds that I simply could not leave behind:

From my friend, Gerrie (with the rocks she gave me).


My mom's tortoise glass bowl she bought in Malta in the 70's. 


This is an very old pottery bowl I found in a vacant house next door to us in Malta, circa 1970's. It has something stamped on the side. (Glazed on the inside).

This is a small (hand-painted?) Scandinavian bowl I found so long ago in an junk store in San Angelo, Texas.


Bought this lovely footed bowl at a Mountlake Terrace street fair from the artist. 

Not really a bowl but I use it for one. Found at some junk store 1990's. 



Katherine Lins said...

Those are gorgeous! I love old (and new) pottery. Great collection! :)

Kim Carney said...

thank you! Katherine! I really love this goodwill where i find those great ceramics! said...

Yes, I was admiring your bowl collection at Pinterest yesterday. Love bowls.
In Spokane there is a fundraiser for the foodbank where artists donate a handmade bowl, someone makes chili, and you pay so much to get in the door but you get to keep the bowl. Always wanted to get involved in that fun...

Kim Carney said...

ooohhh, chili (my fave) and a bowl! Perfect fundraiser!

Maggy said...

Love your collection! Of bowls AND rocks!

Maxinetoo said...

Love these!