Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Garden Gift

Mother's Day Garden Gift, my first Edmonds Patch post.

I love Mother’s Day. Not just because I get a lovely bouquet of roses from my wonderful husband; that I can also enjoy the company of my own mom who lives nearby, and that I can hug my son who graces me every day with love and pride.

The other reason – CLEMATIS montana 'Elizabeth' (Clematis) blooms on this day without fail. Small, delicate pink flowers climb right up to my family room window and delight me for weeks. It fills the backyard with an enchanting scent of vanilla.

We always have at least one bird family raise their chicks hidden deep under the mass of vines. I have often thought how magical it would be to have a little nest among the blooms this time of year. Do you think the birds enjoy the fragrance?

Watching the flowers go to seed creates a spiral of golden furry orbs of delight that is just the cherry on top. I also enjoy them in the dead of winter.

Clematis are very easy to grow as long as you remember to plant with roots in the shade and allow it to grow in the sun. By accident, I planted mine in the perfect location. Keeping the fast growing deciduous vine under control can be a challenge. I have had it grow to my rooftop, taking over the windows along the way. That is when I started taking pruning more seriously.

So next Mother’s Day, consider CLEMATIS montana as a wonderful gift for any and all gardeners.

See more flowers in a vase, flowers from my garden.

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