Monday, May 02, 2011

Lily of the Valley

I thought these were Snow Drops, but I think they are Lily of the Valley, with a more elongated flower because they don't have much sun. I have so many little plants that have ended up hidden under the Hydrangeas and need to be moved to more accessible, sunnier spots.

Isn't this beautiful Mandala found on Shirley Two Feathers Flickr?

Lily of the Valley Mandala

Loving these images from  Snug Harbor Farm

Wouldn't you love to stumble upon these Wild Garlic or Snow Drops on a woodland walk?

Lovely collection of White Woodland Flowers

My variegated Bishop's Weed ground cover has nice white flowers in late summer, but why do I always plant plants that are so invasive? I do love this ground cover when it is contained under the Vine Maple Trees. But must control it from spreading.

I want some Bloodroot!

OMG, what is this adorable woodland flower, Frasera caroliniensis (American columbo). Aren't these illustrations beautiful? I have been thinking of a modern-take-flower-illustrations like the vintage ones. When I get a minute. I have been working hard all day, except for taking the dogs out and finding this wonderful white flower, really, uh, no blogging, uh, not web surfing ....

2 comments: said...

Yes, one of your flower images with a very scientific old-school herbarium overlay with the scientific name and then "fig.1", etc. Would be beautiful. Is that what you mean? You haven't done anything quite like that, have you? I have thought about doing my own with pressed flowers. There is a Flickr group with herbs where the medicinal use is written on the image. I'd like to do that also... time - where are you :P

Kim Carney said...

That is exactly what I was thinking! ... a modern/geometric art take on that old look .... Yes, my time is totally getting away from me! I have been doing a couple of pro bono jobs, and I think when those are wrapped up ... I will have a little more time ... first thing - CLEAN MY HOUSE ;0 XOXO