Monday, February 02, 2009

Buy A Newspaper

Please buy a newspaper today and keep my husband and million others employed. Sad, sad state of affairs.


S'mee said...

Wise man that my grampa was, his advise about steady and lucrative career choices were two:

#1. Mortician; because given hard times people will doctor themselves, grow their own food, entertain and clothe themselves, but rarely will they bury their own dead.

#2. Honest journalism. Honest being the key phrase there. People want and need to be informed.

Btw, We subscribe to 4 different news papers. Thor enjoys the idea of just reading from a paper instead of the net.

Good luck on the job keeping front.

Grandma PMC said...

Does extending our subscription to the Kansas City Star count - we're good for six more months paid in advance. Ofttimes prayer, church going activities and helping others less fortunate put things in a better perspective. You are both good workers at what you do and you will make it though. God bless and luvyall

dee said...

It just isn't the Sunday Times without the real deal laying all over my floor.

Karan said...

I have a fantasy about running a experience but still...I guess that's what makes it a fantasy. Seriously...I hope you're husband isn't one of those facing the impending demise of the PI.