Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chris Hardy

My most treasured portrait was taken by none other than Chris Hardy and when you see his portfolio you will see why that is so impressive. It was a bleak time in my life but Chris managed to capture the best part of me. I did this it during my Pop art phase (sorry Chris). His blog and adorable dog Wally.

I ran into Chris on Facebook today, discovered the chat option ... I am sorry, but Facebook confuses me ... so many groups and such ... I am working on overload now ... Facebook makes my brain hurt. Regardless, chatting with Chris and Maureen was fun.


S'mee said...

S'mee poked Kim! S'mee is writing on your wall!

S'mee feels severely un-hip when it comes to FaceBook. S'mee just doesn't get it. So much bother and fuss, blogging is easier to S'mee. FaceBook seems like stuff S'mee would just call someone and say or write in an e-mail, talking about herself in the third person bugs, and frankly what's with the poking and plants and imaginary plants? S'mee is lame, but S'mee just doesn't get it.

S'mee wants you to please enjoy this imaginary shrub and save the whales!

S'mee said...

Just got back from checking the blog...what a fun and interesting read! Thanks Kim!

Karan said...

This link to Chris Hardy's page has got to be in the top 5 of all the fabulous finds you share with us!