Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shrunken Space

D tells me all the time I don't need a studio for all of my found art objects, wrapping paper, ribbons, reams of paper, envelopes, canvas, sewing mess ... he says I need my own satellite-house and I think he is right! Shrunken-house = Sheds. Yes.

Shedworking is a great, fun site with lots of great ideas, post and links.

Maybe one of these
Cabin Kits from Cabana Village?

One of these little boxes (seen below) from Ecospace?

Garden office (seen below) from Taylor Garden Buildings. Okay, maybe not enough space in that one but it is so cute.

Look, Shed Boy!, right in my backyard (no - not built there in the backyard, Port Townsend!)

But seriously, this plastic shed is about the only one I could afford to build found at Apartment Therapy Re-Nest. And I might all ready have the materials for this one.


S'mee said...

That eco space number is amazing. Way cooler than my actual house, but hey, fabulous!

dee said...

wouldn't I just love to have one of these little places to hide out in occasionally..ok, maybe more than occasionally.
Sorry I haven't been around-life's been getting in the way. Keep up the blog-it's so unique and fun.
Hope all is well with you.

cthrnvl said...

Yes, these one room buildings are so cool. We live like that in an opposite way. We have our offices in the main house that has a phone and kitchen but no bedrooms. Then, when the day is done we head to our little guest house that has no phone. We watch movies there and sleep.

Also love Tiny House Blog