Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mat Moss

If I had taken my little moss experiment a step further maybe I would have ended up with wonderful like this mat made of moss that stays alive with the help of bath water via Re-nest. Instead I have my usual "January grass growing in containers" going on right now. My favorite part is trimming with scissors, it smells like summer in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. We have lots of gnats because of them, which doesn't make M very happy. "Moom! There are gnats all over the bathroom, come get rid of the grass!"

Container Grass

Took "the baby" to work today and she was so overwhelmed, she slept and growled at anyone who ventured to pet or pick her up. I spent most of my day walking her outside to "potty". She is so exhausted tonight, not sure it was good idea. She is just too tiny and vulnerable right now. I am going to take her to bed with me and maybe, just maybe, she will sleep for awhile.

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