Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Imagined Past Life

Kilim Armchair at The J. Peterman Company Store.

19th Century Chesterfield sofa upholstered in Kilim found at Antique and Reproduction Leather Chairs, Sofas and Furniture.

Haven't you ever imagined you were lived in a sturdy farmhouse Kenya in the early 1900's? I do. Often. The clothes, the silver and china, the setting, the people, the adventure. Old, soft, scuffed up leather chairs with big ottomans. And maybe a Kilim sofa or chair? Silver candelabras, a smoky library walls full of leather-bound books, feather beds and mosquito nets hung around them, linen suit slightly wrinkled from heat and sweat. A porch with wicker chairs to sit in to dream, sip tea and write. It all sounds fabulous.

If I ever thought I had lived in another time, in another body ... this time, in this place would have been where I lived, loved and died. Some of the only books I have read without falling asleep are by and about Karen Blixen. Extraordinary life of sadness and adventure by an extraordinary woman. And I can never channel surf passed "Out of Africa" without stopping, watching, weeping. For what she had and lost.


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dee said...

Oh!! that couch is magnificent.

Ulla said...

me too... so if we have the couch will the dream come true?

Kim Carney said...

yes! yes! yes! i have all the linen clothes that can get all wrinkled ;)