Monday, February 02, 2009

Bad Judgment

When I saw the photo on the news of Michael Phelps with his head in a bong, I told my husband, "Can't be him, he wouldn't be that stupid? A kid, with that much going for him?" Oh, well. Wrong, again.


PaintaPicture said...

I am from Michael Phelp's hometown. After the 2004 Olympics they renamed a street in Towson after him. Then he got pulled over for drunk driving and when it hit the news they changed the street back to its original name. I understand that everyone needs to live a little, but I do think he should have learned the first time, especially because he is an even bigger role model now, considered the greatest Olympian of all time and so many people look up to him. When I saw that picture last night on the news, I was really disappointed. It's one thing if he does participate in that, but please, hide it from the public eye. Goodness.

Kim Carney said...

And I know kids will be kids. But you are right, he is a huge role model for so many, and has achieved so much for his young age. With all of that talent and money, what does he need to get high for? His mom must be mortified!