Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why We Vote

Why we vote, 24 Americans tellhow they make their ballot decisions. This is very interesting but I found Jeff Stonestreet's views sad and disturbing ... "I could never vote for a closet Muslim like Obama, whose middle name is Hussein. That's suspicious to me." ... WHAT? What? What? Do you think George W. should viewed a suspicious given all the under-handed deals he and Cheney have been involved in? Is this why I am feeling so frustrated and depressed?

Why you are there, also listen photojournalist Ola Torkelsson discuss why he traveled the U.S. to speak to voters.


Darlene said...

I think people who use the Hussein excuse are really bigots looking for a way to justify the fact that they would never vote for a black.

It wouldn't matter if the candidate was a clergyman whose parents were doctors, this person wouldn't vote for him if his skin was black. Racism is still alive,sad to say.

dee said...

I think Darlene is right. I heard a librarian say this behind the counter at the Library last week. When I ran into the Director of the L. I didn't give the name of the person but suggested that she tell the staff to keep their stupid, uninformed, opinions to themselves while working at a publicly funded place of employment. I was shocked that a person who was so well educated could be so clueless and bigoted. Sad..sigh.

S'mee said...

This is the argument I here so often, black, woman, religious background, age. To me these are all ridiculous arguments.

If you don't like someones views on foreign policy, the war, the economy, taxes, education, the elderly, pensions, regulation, yada yada, yada, then eliminate them from your ticket.

I look to those things I personally *can* control myself (religion,abortion,guns), and the things I have to trust my leader with(taxes,war,economy), then I choose and cross my fingers.

Unless of course they have funky shoes...I can't vote for anyone who wears funky shoes. ; )