Friday, October 31, 2008

Shooting A-Go-Go

The elections can't be over quick enough for me. Although you all know who I want to be our next president, today I would take anyone ... just to have it all over with and have our lives back to normal. No more Sarah and her wardrobe. No more analysis on NPR. No more talk of hate-groups of home grown terrorism and threats against Obama. Just getting back to normal stories of the day, doomed economy, future depression, Iraq war ... sounds pretty darn good about now.

I need what little time off I do have back! No matter how I say I am leaving on time today, something comes up and I end up working extra hours. On top of that, caught a little cold so have been going home, hour of quiet time and straight to bed.

The only shooting I have been doing is: on-the-go ... camera at the wheel. Caught the sun setting on the way home night before last. I had a dream last night that I was driving somewhere and ran out of gas ... nice metaphor.

Red on blue

Cutting through the sky


Maxinetoo said...

Hope you get to go home on time. Have a great weekend!

S'mee said...

amen and amen

Kim Carney said...

I have had a very restful two days! Even picked up all my clothes from the floor, washed, ironed and have a whole wardrobe for next week instead of wearing the same jeans every day! ;0