Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not Quite Myself

I know I don't have to apologize to you but I do feel the need to explain that I just don't feel like myself in many months. The last two weeks I have been working 12-13 hour days. We had windows installed in the basement and of course, that has led to putting new wood on the interior of the windows, new moldings, lots of wall work, cutting down the blinds. Not to mention I am never here to clean or do anything constructive. Saturdays are really just for vegging for me ... completely. And then scrambling on Sunday to get what I need to have done for the following week.

No fun craft things to blog. Or art. Just a random photo now and then ... but nothing to call home about. Basically, I am not feeling quite like myself these days. I could be living in Mars and I wouldn't feel any more foreign to myself than I do right now. I just blog enough to feel like I am still connected to a world that I love, a creative community that I am not really a part of anymore ... but just blogging random links makes me feel better.

Not much time for reading blogs, commenting, answering email. So, although I know it is not really needed ... I am sorry for being such a "bad" blogger, commenter, e-mail corresponder. ;( I know you will understand.


Cin said...

of course we understand, take care, I'm not much for commenting anymore but I'm still about and peeking in, hope you'll feel more yourself soon

dee said...

For someone who doesn't feel like herself you still manage to make me smile and I'm sorry I don't coment more often because you always have something wonderful to see. Wish there was some way I could cheer you up. I suspect the frustrated artist within is poking you rather hard lately. Wish I had some answers for you. In the meantime I'm thinking of you and dsending you hugs from the east.

Tara Ross Studios said...

yes I know, you work way too hard. Your creative soul wants to be alive,,,, and is calling out. Take care and nurture your spirit.

Leo said...

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LDahl said...

Understand? Been there and done that!
This has just been a weird year. I'm starting to get back to being "me" again. give yourself some time, you know we all change and sometimes it is in jumps instead of "creeps" :)

jill said...

I feel bad that you don't feel like yourself... Your blog is a daily highlight of mine!! I wouldn't have ever known...

But, I can 100% relate to "not feeling oneself" when NOT having the opportunity to be creative... I've been in a slump for just over a year now and miss that outlet. I can't blame time, but I do blame space. I just don't have the space to "get messy."

Hang in there it's a valley, but your mountaintop will come again!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand not "being yourself" ... can't remember the last time I was. Most of the time I feel as though my body is on earth and my mind is in another world entirely. We need a play date to cheer us up ... you are my muse. :)


just jody said...

employee… wife… mother… daughter… friend………it’s easy to lose our true selves in our day to day lives. when we don’t nurture ourselves everyone down the chain feels the ripple effect. here’s sending the “fun fairy” your way with a free pass to take time to feed your soul……practice random acts of “just for me”!

Binky said...

Well, I don't feel like you're slacking in the blog department. I think it's a fun blog.

I do know, though, how uncomfortable it feels when you aren't yourself. I get like that.

Kim Carney said...

THANK YOU! thank you. I am glad that this blog hasn't become a BIG YAWN ... even if it is lacking in the "art dept". I guess these days I am just glad when I wake up and the world hasn't been sucked into a big black hole. Thank for for the good thoughts and hug, Dee!

LDahl ... how did you get out of yours?

Jill ... okay, I AM looking for the mountain top ;)

Gerrie, Tara ... def need a Saturday to play ... go to Salvage Studio ;)

Just Jody ... got the fun fairy, playing with her today.

Thank you Binky

Hey Cin! did you ever print those delicious bookmarks? ;)


LDahl said...

I had a screaming fit...heheh, well a quiet one. I realized that I had too much stress brought on because I really couldn't do "it all" like I once could(and what everyone expected of me. I started fighting for myself, and got really honest about what was important to me. I spent some time thinking and remembering back to the special people and events that lived in my past. I listened to music that held so many memories for me. I came to the conclusion that the past is a well that I draw from and even though time stops for no one, I am going to keep one toe in the past to ground me. And I got a cat.
I've wanted one for a long time and even though the last thing I "needed" was a cat(mess, expense, etc) I "wanted" one. So when my son called and told me a friend needed to find a home for one, I said yes.
I found out in a week, I had needed a cat.:) So, to find "Me" I guess I had to get to the point I really didn't feel like me anymore and take steps to go back and pick myself up and give myself some slack, treat myself to some well earned rewards and ask for help from those who should have been helping me.
I was thinking about you yesterday, I want to tell you I admire you and I think you take the best flower pictures of any photographer I've ever seen. Be well!!!!