Saturday, October 25, 2008

Luscious Lizness

Tara and I skipped over to Port Townsend after work yesterday for ArtFiberFest vendor night. Always a great trip because I get to see friends. Liz was there. Look at this wonderful pillow of hers. Matt saw it and said he really liked it (something more like, this is really cool) ... which I repled ... great, because I thought it would look good with the grey, red and black in your room. And it did! Thank you, Liz! More of her luscious goodness here.

Pillow from Liz Lamoreux


Amy said...

it looks very cool!

the camp said...

liz rocks!
i have an apron, scarf that is ultra warm and cuddly and two soul mantra necklaces. her wares
are made with lots of love.

i am so jealous you got to see her.
and thanks for the message - made my afternoon.