Sunday, February 10, 2008

You All Make My Day

Thinking about "making my day", I would love to send out 10 packages of 6 flower cards that I have had printed. Pink Peonies and Violas. Please either leave you address in comments or email your address to receive a pack as a thank you from me. The first ten. All gone, thanks guys!


S'mee said...

OH MY HECK! How generous are you!?! I love you! I love peonies! I live in the freaking peony-free Mojave and therefore am always deplete of them! Is there anything I can give you in return?
eeeeeeee! so excited! I will e-mail you soon, although I think you may already have mine info, but hey!

Kate I said...

OK Kim, you have just made MY day! How very, very generous of you! I SO admire your beautiful flower have such an eye and such a talent for catching just the right light and depth and colour.

...and thank you for the 'you made my day' award! I really appreciate it.

I'll email you my info.

Nancy said...

I would love to have those cards. I have never won anything in my life, so I feel lucky that I am number three. I will email the info.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said... are such a sweetie. Just love your flower photos! I will email my address. Thanks bunches!

JJO said...

In the cold, cold winter of the Midwest when the garden is nothing more than a pile of snow, I would truly love something to remind me of spring. Peonies are my favorites. I could send you some delicious biscotti in exchange.

kelly said...

oh...thanks! i think i am #6! i will email you my address! and thanks so much, what a sweet girl you are. i dig your photography.

Mary O.K. said...

Kim, a day doesn't do by that I don't check your blog. You have opened worlds for me, and for that you deserve a gift, not me! But I am selfish enough to not be able to turn away from the promise of having you share some of your beautiful work with me, especially since it's your amazing floral photography.

Thank you for your kindness, for opening your heart to all of us, for letting us get to know you and your sweet family (it would be OK with me if you packaged up your Mom and sent her to me instead of the cards!), and for showing me things I didn't know existed-- MeggieCat, for example, who recently came back to us!

You are a treasure, Kim, and I am grateful for all you do.
With many thanks and best wishes,
Mary O.K.

Anonymous said...

My name is Xena, I use to visit your blog and I love your flower photos.I would appreciate your cards, I will email my address... but I´m very far away, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, I hope you don´t mind.


Lisa D said...

Wow, really? Thank you very much!
You've made MY day!!

Kim Carney said...

s'mee, katei, bonnie, Kelly, in the mail ;) thank you so much

Nancy and jjo... I didn't get your address yet.

Mary o.k. that is just the sweetest thing ... i am so touched by your works ... in the mail

Xena ... send me your address, what a wonderful place to live ;)

Lisa, got your address, thanks!

Jeannie said...

I don't care that I am #11, I just want to say thank you for your wonderful blog and for brightening my day. I grew up in Snohomish and now live in the Tri-Cities, but in my heart I will always be a "westside gal". My aunt and I read your blog and then go out on our thrift hunts with you in mind when I am visiting. Have a great week and again, thank you.

Kim Carney said...

thank YOu so very much Jeannie, you are actually no. 10! so email me your address ;)

wilsonian said...

I've been dying to buy these FOREVER!
If you do another run to sell... please, please let me know.

Really! :)