Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flipped Out Over Old Post

I should go back and read my own blog. Sometimes I end up on one post or another and say ... wow ... look at that! I post here so I can never lose it (the link or idea) and then I don't take the time to read backwards. I loved this post about spinning and flipping out (Zoetrope, Thaumatropes and flip books). One of the links was bad and I found this wonderful image of a puppet (seen below) on The Bill Douglas Centre - Founded in 1994, the Centre contains an enormous collection relating to the history of film and visual media. From shadow puppets to Shirley Temple dolls, from magic lanterns to Marilyn Monroe postcards, there is something to fascinate every visitor. I love the collection of cigarette cards found there. Toy panorama shows a trip around the world.


S'mee said...

As a little kids, our family learned how to make our own flip books. WE would draw the tiny cartoons and then sneak them into church to entertain ourselves without Mom catching us. I love that there is so much technology today that helps make these little books even easier. That said, there's nothing like a good old fashion hand drawn book!

Kim Carney said...