Wednesday, February 13, 2008


And speaking of big breast, how 'bout a breast liquor cabinet?

I just want a house that has over 3,000 square feet. India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, builds $1 billion house, you must go read the description. (hint, it has 600 servants to maintain it). I always hate to sound like an ole, bitchy, fuddy-duddy ... especially when it concerns someone else's money ... but don't you think he could have built "down", saved a few hundred's of millions of dollars to give to someone who doesn't have a home, maybe right there where he lives? Oh, well, like I say, it is none of my business.

All of these fascinating links via Zola Marquis' Elite Choice.

And Born Rich, worth a visit.

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S'mee said...

Great minds think alike. I remember taking #4 to the top of Capital Hill in SLC. We were driving all about and taking in the grand homes there and the sparkly-glittery view of the city below. (NOTHING like the billion $ one- yet excessive in my view). At age 14 he made the statement: "It's like they're literally looking down on the world. -pause- It's pretty but it won't save anyone's life."