Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O, My!

Oh, my ... O-Jewel via Grijs.

roll-y ring by jewelryfool and TiLego rings.

The complete beauty of utilitarian objects making rings by bOhjoux (seen below).

Zoe Cotlenko Paris' zipper jewelry. Kylie Gartside Monopoly rings and europoly, rings with property by unmicroclima.

Ana Hagopian's playful rings of roses and daisy and all things garden! Below. And make sure to go look on her site to see the rest.

Memento rings by Dominique Brechault (seen below). These amazing links via the always wonderful the carrotbox.

Something adorable growing on your finger! Ratinaud Création rings via RING ANILLO ANNEAU BAGUE.


Tangerine Dreams said...

Thank you for this blast of beauty! I loved your post about discipline too; just so poignant. My husband and I are taking in this eight week lecture put on my Dr. Gordon Neufeld (he wrote Hold On to Your Kids). Some of the truth from that rang in your epiphany. Staying connected with you child regardless if they're being "good" or "bad". They need unconditional love and have that expressed. Anyway, sounds like you're an awesome mom.

nyxcreations said...

Those rings are gorgeous.. I love the links and posts you post :) Thanks for sharing your great finds with us !

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

oh my...aren't those flower rings adorable...