Thursday, February 28, 2008


I paid $3.46 a gallon today and the attendent said he thought we would see $4.00 by the weekend! Oh, boy. ;)


Anonymous said...

bonjour - I live in France and guess what... gas is $7.50 a gallon :( do you feel better now ?!!! ;P


kelly said...

i am getting a bike!

Kim Carney said...

Valerie ... I do think about you guys on the other side of world ... paying much more ... when I lived in Scotland we paid $5+ a gallon many years ago ... so I DO FEEL GUILITY complaining ;)

Yes, YOU made me feel MUCH better ;)


and Kelly ... I am thinking of taking the bus although that makes my commute even longer

Amy said...

Yikes! We were whining about forking over $3.11/gal on the way home from San Angelo this weekend. I'm seeing lots of stay at home fun for us this summer.