Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thirteen Moons Gallery

Found several very interesting artist in Thirteen Moons Gallery. Pat Chapman, assemblage artist.


'144 Hooks and Eyes' by JoAnne Russo. Lanny Bergner.'s sculpture is a testament of his love of the natural world, 'Tall Bud' being my favorite. Amy C. Clarke Moore bead embroidery.Teri Greeves Conversely Beaded. Jon Eric Riis 'Senses' is unbelievable.

Claudia Kunin
3-d ghosts and photography art, wonderful interview with her here.


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s'mee said...

Thanks for the post, I love the homage and also the photo, very ghostly!

Also,I wanted to contact you about a shell frame on my flickr! account. I would reply there, but it has been so long, I fear you never look again! In answer to your question, no it didn't take thatlong to finish, start to finish in one evening. Very easy. But it was MESSY as all get out. If you want more details, go to my blog and write me via "S'mee Mail" in the top corner.