Friday, December 16, 2005

Peeping Friday

Peeping Friday - a look inside your purse. And my husband will tell you my is always a nightmare. And I carry most of my stuff in my coat pockets. In my pockets I have keys, security card-key for work, 2 thumbdrives, lots of trash, lots of change, money, cell-phone, tissues, receipts from Kinkos. Camilla has lots more links and you can take a peek in hers.

Peeping Friday

Wallet with lots of receipts I need to throw away, two toothbrushes, powder, pieces of paper with names and phone numbers, notes to myself and to-do list (from last month), two month calendar, two little post-its (why are those in there?). DayQuil (I have been sick), a packet of drawing pens, an old lotto ticket (did I win?), a airline ticket jacket from my trip in October, thumbdrive, those little hand-cleaning thingies (my mother gave them to me), a small japanese note-keeping pad that I keep any ideas I have in, cough drops, a free movie ticket someone gave me (have not used it yet), a little catholic thing my mom gave me, flashlight (really belongs in my car), two used check registers just floating around, a pill box for my vitamins so I can take them at work (I have really been trying to keep up with my vitamins), a little bottle of tylenol, address book, a bag full of change and another little pocket full of change (why do I have two?), a bag full of makeup that I never use and about 7 lipsticks. Now aren't you sorry you looked? I am!!! You now know what most all ready do, I am a out of control mess. LOL. Except, now it is a little cleaner.

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RavenGrrl said...

Okay, Kim - I want to see the purse all of this stuff fits into! It's alot like mine. When I get my camera back from repair, I'll shoot one of these and post it for you. heheh