Monday, December 12, 2005

Flaking Out

It was a year ago when I really started blogging all the fun stuff that I had stored up in my tons of emails to myself - this was from last year at this time 'snowflake maker' thank you, for giving us some chilly thrills! You can even save them out as pdf's ... now that is a useful tool! Another joyful ap for creating snowflakes at from Popular Front.


More snowflake patterns, templates and all out fun at
papersnowflakes, more here, and Frosty Mini Snowflakes.

And some additions: This is such a great site,
Guide to Snowflakes with a classification chart. More inspirational instructions here and these are worth checking out here.

These are a must see, wonderful snowflake photography from
Mark Cassino. Amazing snowflake imagery from Wilson Bentley.

Montessori World has some nice design and a great "cut" tree. And a good folding directions here with some patterns.

Lots-o-Crochet Snowflakes with
patterns. Fractal Snowflake Generator from a-i-studio.

I must have these - Firelit Flakes,
snowflake nesting buckets from uncommon goods.


la vie en rose said...

i always thought it would be fun to hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling, filling a room with white paper wonder. i still haven't done it but one day...

Elaine said...

I'm with la vie, I'd love to do something like in the movie Elf. There just never seems to be enough time. I think I'm gonna start around Halloween like the stores, but I always feel so bad for the turkey, like we're ignoring THanksgiving or something. Joaquin and I did make some last year to put on packages. Everyone loved that.

Kim Carney said...

I totally agree with the time aspect. I feel the pressure to make somethign I WANT to do, and clean house and ready the house for the holidays. I am totally feeling that now. I DO have a big advantage, my mom lives with me and she does lots of my running around, cooking, etc. So don't feel bad, if I had to cook dinner and do the laundry, there would probably be NO christmas decoration at all! And if my didn't cook the Turkey, I promise we would be dining OUT. LOL