Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday 12.13

Self-Portrait Tuesday - reflections of self. I quickly explored a couple of ideas today. I always feel rushed, and didn't even brush my hair.

In my wardrobe.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 12.13

Someone's glasses left in the kitchen.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 12.13

My mom has had this since I was a little girl.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 12.13

Reflected in a wonderful piece of art D bought for me - The Secret Garden.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 12.13


melba said...

I too always feel a bit rushed when posting, but I like having the push from self portrait tuesday and illustration friday to post, even though I have something to say I might never actually make it public if it wasn't for the challenges. I like your pictures and art throughout the site.

Linda said...

Rushed or not, they are always very clever and entertaining... I enjoy them.

la vie en rose said...

these are great...the last one's my fav...

Amanda Woodward said...

i love all your photos, they look so neat!

bellablue said...

I especially love the top photo. Beautiful.