Saturday, October 29, 2005

Worth Every Penny

Tom Arma’s baby costumes are making me giggle out loud. Unfortunately, it looks like most of them are sold out - and I can see why! Baby pea in the pod costume. Mermaid, Baby Chili Pepper. The monkey, elephant are my favorites, here is a slide show of a few and more here and here.


la vie en rose said...

i agree the monkey is the cutest. i liked the frog too.

Kelvin said...

I can see where he gets his "looks" from !!! (hehe) You have a great blog. I'll be back again, all the way from New Zealand.

Zwiedawurzn said...

how cute! makes you want to have a baby just for the costume :).

Giao said...


I love the monkey costume too. I may be partial. =)

I wanted to leave a comment for your Halloween bobbles, but blogger's being funny about that one. They are a glorious collection!

Anonymous said...

The skunk costume, it has to be the skunk that is the cutest.