Monday, October 31, 2005

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Happy Halloween! Here are some tricks and treats.

Happy Halloween

A little goblin in his sweater.

Little Goblin

Someone woke up the witch!

The Nightmare Hair

A treat for you.



la vie en rose said...

love that pumpkin and the pic of the candy, and the witch...

shash said...

love the sweatered dog. so cute.

Kristen said...

I love the little sweatered Pica! Love it, love it!

Amy said...

oh my freaking god, that little cozy Pica in sweater SLAYS me!

P.S. I had the BEST Halloween treat on my doorstep today when we arrived home from our trip. I'm going shopping tomorrow for some matching glass vases. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Kim Carney said...

amy, Also think WREATHS. I made some and they turned out pretty good.

Linda said...

love your litte doggy in his outfit and that witch.... oooohhhh scarrreeee... LOL - just kidding