Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday 10.11

I managed to fit in a root canal this morning. Now will spend the rest of the day packing and unpacking. I am coming in with the dirty and my husband is leaving and needs his ironed. This is part of the Self-Portrait Tuesday series challenge of documenting the mundane.



Maggie Ann said...

Hi Kim, thanks for coming over to Knitting Kat and leaving me a comment. Its nice to 'meet' you. I like your self-portraits. Great camera! I especially like the one where your reflection is mirrored in the glass. How did you post your pictures together like that, I wondor. Is that what they call stitched? Ignore my questions if you'd like. = ) Hope you had a great day.

Linda said...

washing/ironing... mundane, necessary evils to be sure ;-)

Is that your ironing board set up in front of the window? If so, then hopefully that necessary evil is counteracted by having a lovely view out that window.

Balwearie said...

I like the action shot myself. I think it would be fun to do a series of action shots (adds to list of fun things). Someday.

Maggie Ann said...

Kim, thankyou for giving me the tech sites,and offering to help but I don't have 'photo-shop' (not Yet..anyway =)... right now, I use 'Hello' that goes with Blogger, and I use a small editing program that I downloaded from Ceiva. I went over to Flickr and enjoyed your slide show there. What wonderful pictures!!! that one of the peony....wow!