Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tuning into nature, turning off the news

For the very first time since last November, I turned off the news. In disgust.

No longer able to listen to the bullshit coming out of trump's white house and mouth. In the quiet, I listened to the birds. Watched our new cat, Finn, play in a paper sack in the yard. Deadheaded the hydrangeas. Swore at my husband in my head for cutting down the grapes while I was not home. Looked over into the new neighbors yard, now with a "complete and unadulterated" view from lack of said grapes. Followed a bee's path around the yard. Small white petals fell from the Snowball like snow in the summer, covering the ground. Gazed up at the warm sun and thought, this is a perfect moment. Grabbed this moment and hold on tight.

Decided to put on some of zen music that I have been not been interested in some time.

I have another day off of work, the luxury of waking up when I want, drinking coffee slowly from a cup and not in the car, behind the wheel. Binge watch Midsomer Mystery Season 20. Remember when the only way Mom and I could watch all the seasons was when I had to buy the complete sets on Amazon. Now, on Amazon Prime and BritBox, anything is possible.


s'mee said...

oh man, can I relate!

First, I am sad to hear about your grape vines, but reading how you walk through your yard made my day!

The news. Mercy. There are nights it keeps me awake or gives me the worst of dreams. Other, completely unrelated, events have also wreaked havoc on my well being and attitude, peace, outlook - whatever... I felt out of control over my own thoughts and emotions! I have resorted to cat videos just to get a break! But just yesterday I cruised ambient music on You Tube and pinned several pieces that last for 8 - 11 HOURS! mercy. But yes, it was a way to clear my head of negativity before bed or while I try to create (which has been seriously drained since the election), so hooray for kind people who share their good peaceful tracks!

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