Friday, May 25, 2018

Ex-Texan angry white woman

As much of the world, I watched the first day of Trump announcing his presidential bid by demeaning Mexican and Mexican Americans in disgust. And every day of his campaign and hence his presidency has been nothing but the biggest embarrassment that the United States as ever experienced. It is obvious to anyone reading news other than Fox News, that he has been money laundering for the Russians for many, many years. He is making money off of his presidency as well as his family, which he has installed in the White House as "advisors". To most of us, the entire sham is a slap in the face. Not to even mention the corporations "investing" millions to Trump's businesses, the porn star payoffs that the evangelist have given him a "mulligan" for, China investing in his Indonesia real estate, the list is too extensive talk about here. But if you want to keep up, you should read Amy Siskind's list of Trump's doings.

I ignored his "birther" conspiracy crap thinking that the rest of America would see it as ridiculous campaign to further his exposure on television (particularly right wing), hence his "brand". It is hard for me to wrap my head around smart Americans would think that Barack Obama was not an American citizen. Even some of my friends from college would go "Meh, (shoulder shrugging) you never know" and I would immediately get "unfriended" and scratched off my Christmas list. I am not fucking joking around about pushing this false propaganda at the expense of our democracy.

Speaking of "unfriending" folks. I have unfriended, and stopped communicating with most of my family and high school and college friends, you got it, from Texas. I don't feel badly about this. I don't feel sad about this. I feel that I am standing up for what I think is right and just for this country. I have heard since I can remember from most of my Texas family, "they are going to take our guns away" while they continue to buy guns and shoot their guns. No one has ever knocked on their door and asked for their guns. The entire conversation I would have with my family about their fear of their guns being taken away would leave me speechless and laughing. I distinctly remember a conversation I had on a phone call with my father and step-mother about government coming after their guns after I suggested that I did not think automatic weapons were appropriate in our society. This was after some (one of many) school shootings and I was outraged. They talked about how they needed to defend themselves against ???, never did figure out from what, unless it was a Mexican or and African American coming after them in their very white neighborhood in the outskirts of Dallas. I told them that I didn't even know what you are talking about. I have never felt the need to have a gun in my home. I do not feel threatened, I do not see anyone as a threat and that I felt sorry for them if they felt like that every day of their lives. Ignorant fear like that is a poor excuse NOT to have reasonable background checks on potential gun owners and reconsidering automatic guns at large in our society.

I have told my family not to contact me again, ever. I am sick (and tired) of the racist, mentally unhealthy paranoia that they live in. I have heard it my entire life. So you ask, "Why now", why take a this drastic step now to excommunicate your family and friends? Because we have all watched this history unfold before during the rise of Hitler. Who stood up then against what they knew was wrong and did not speak up and how many people died in the wake of that?

I am angry. I don't mind talking about it. I don't stop tweeting about it and putting all the ridiculous stuff going on in this administration on Facebook. I am not sorry I ditched my family. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for my friends who think Tomi Lahren is a good example of  "speaking the truth". As all of Fox News, she is a racist, full of base-baiting bullshit spewing it out the their racist viewers. And I am sure my father is sitting on his recliner, in the Texas heat, watching, nodding his head, agreeing with every disgusting word that falls out of her mouth, as he cleans his guns that no one has taken away from him. I just wonder how I can be related to him in any possible way?

And one other note. HOW can the NRA be a tax-exempt entity? I think THAT should come to an end. 

It feels good to rant. I might do it more often, here on my blog. I miss my blog.


Joanne S said...

Recently--in the past few days I think I heard that the NFL is also tax exempt. This must be a "thing" the conservative right does. secret laws they pass.

I LOVE that these gun loving white men get their news from BIMBOs with bleached blonde hair, tight fitting dresses, skirts hiked up to nearly panty levels and the 4 inch high heels. Back in the day, wasn't that how prostitutes dressed??? News PORN. What fools men are.

Kim Carney said...

"I LOVE that these gun loving white men get their news from BIMBOs with bleached blonde hair, tight fitting dresses" ... the best thing I have heard all year ;)

carlita said...

Sad times.😒