Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The end of civility?

I am so disgusted with our country right now with the election of the most vile, disgraceful, unqualified person to lead the United States. 

Someone must have been watching a different person for the last two years than I was. He lied all the and you could check the lies because it was all on film! This is not something I am making up

I am also disgusted with previous co-workers posting nasty things about the Obamas, calling our President a POS for absolutely no reason. Creating terrible cartoons of Michelle Obama. So, I have discontinued my Facebook for now. I simply do not want to read it, respond to it, be a part of it. 

I am also going to stop watching my beloved Sunday morning political news shows ... I blame them in part for showcasing Trump for over a year, giving him airtime to spew his nasty viewpoint. I think I am going to stop watching news all together for some time ... I have had enough. I think I might even quit listening to NPR and go back to listening to book-on-tape. It seems less contentious.

I am going to start blogging more, cleaning house more, taking photos. Less hand-wringing about our nation's future. We elected a buffoon and we get what we deserve. And every time I look at Melania, I see her in complete frontal nudity. It is all absurd to me! I do not understand it! So I choose to ignore it for now and go do something good for myself, my family, my house. 

I wish us all good luck in the coming years!!!


ELFI said...

je me réjouis que tu continues de bloger...pour le reste je compatis, courage! bises de l'autre côté de l'océan....

s'mee said...

My only comfort in all this mess is that HRC actually won the *popular* vote, meaning that out of the few people who bothered to vote for one of the two major players, there were more (educated) rational people than racists, misogynists, or just plain idiots. I still fear for all but white men, and I will still open my mouth when I see harm being done, I just wish we had progressed beyond what we have. It's embarrassing to be an American today.

I left FB about 2 years ago when my daughter died. That focused me. After a while I just couldn't stand to read the gossip, the arguing, the criticism of friends and family, it just got all too ridiculous, silly, and unimportant. Take time out, you won't regret it. You have all the power in what you chose to expose your spirit to, chose what frees you and comforts or enlightens.

Kim Carney said...

Dites à votre pays que la plupart des Américains sont très désolé! Tout mon amour

Kim Carney said...

Yes, ridiculous is what FB seems to me. I have been thinking that for ages ... and the only thing that made me happy were the stupid animal videos. NOT a reason to stay on and just keep trying to stay silent with all the nastiness. It made me mad and I wanted to come back just as nasty. NOT worth it!!!

Yes, I feel embarrassed right now.

waltraut said...

I am still in shock freeze about the election outcome. I thought he would make it, but hoped he wouldn't.
May I use the picture from your November 11. post in my blog
I am following your blog since a long time, sometimes less and sometimes more and try to be here more often.
I hope you are keeping well.
Greetings from Switzerland

Kim Carney said...

I know you well!! and of course you can use any image from this blog ;) I am well, thank you, just in shock.