Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thoms Hudson

Thomas Hudson fabrics are the most beautifully painted I ever want to seen! An English portrait painter in the early 1700's. 


ELFI said...

les hommes avaient des habits pas austères comme aujourd'hui :)))

s'mee said...

These are glorious! I can't stop looking at all the details!

s'mee said...

Warning! Trump info ahead, feel free to just skip on by without reading!

I thought of you and the millions of other non Trumpeters as I experienced a week at Disneyworld. The first day alone, I met 2 women from England who after casual greetings asked "What happened here? We shouldn't point fingers with our Parliament being what it is, but really? Trump? My G_d!" This opened the door for the 2 kids (late 20s) from Germany who said they "didn't think America was so prejudiced! That alone is bad, but having Trump as your president is bad for all of Europe too, we thought it was a joke at first, then we realize that it is real and wonder why you would chose so wrong?" This was repeated many times throughout my trip as with the family from Brazil who told me "When we heard he was elected we considered cancelling our trip, but the plans were already made. We thought what if they kick us out? What if they think we are Mexican? Then our daughter reminds us that Obama is still president until January so we came, but we will not visit until Trump is not president again." I sat in a convention hall and watched, horrified as an older white man very loudly chatted with an African American woman telling her "You're safe with Trump as long as you remember to mind your manners, no one ever gets in trouble minding their manners. Down here in Florida you folks have your problems with them Cubans more than them Mexicans, but maybe Trump can help you all out too. He's gonna build that wall and make sure none of them get in that'll be good for you folks, you'll get your jobs back." She never responded, but as I lifted my head to see who exactly was spewing this hate, I loudly said "Idiot!" and noticed the Hispanic man sitting close by just stunned. 20 seconds later his companion met him, a Sikh gentleman wearing a turban and a long tunic. The man stood, whispered something to the other and then quietly walked away -but not without the man with all the opinions noting "See? There they go already! TRUMP'S ALREADY WORKING AND HE AIN'T EVEN BEEN SWORN IN! HALLELUIA!" I got up and left as well.

The world wonders what the heck we're thinking, and idiots abound.

Kim Carney said...

You're safe with Trump as long as you remember to mind your manners, no one ever gets in trouble minding their manners ... terrible! Can we survive 4 years????