Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cheese Boards

Had Friday off, so I feel like this is Sunday, I just realized it is Saturday!!! Hurray. 

I ran across this delicious post on the West Elm blog, with some great looking condiment recipes to accompany your cheese on your Cheese Board, for every occasion. Recipes for SWEET AND SPICY APPLE CHUTNEY, HERB-BUTTER POACHED POTATOES, ORANGE CONFIT, BALSAMIC ROSEMARY CHERRY MUSTARD, SPICY CURRY CASHEW BRITTLE, PICKLED FENNEL, HERBES DE PROVENCE CARAMEL CORN, SAVORY CHERRY CHUTNEY, PASSIONFRUIT BASIL-SEED CURD. All from this book, Composing the Cheese Plate. I would buy this for mom for Christmas, she would have loved it.

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cynthia korzekwa said...

This looks so yummy! I will try making one of the recipes today!