Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thinking time

Thinking time is hard to come by at the moment. 

Trying to finish a website I promised (before I left on my 1 month road trip) the first week of July. That is stressing me out! 

My mom has been in and out of drs... my uncle is here to visit. We love having company! Especially my uncle. She is having a birthday soon.

I only had today to work on a few new pieces for Edmonds Art Walk tomorrow night. I have a few new pieces, but will grab some from the Arts of Snohomish Gallery (I am working in the morning.)

The kids have made a real mess of the house moving in. I know it will all settle down soon and I keep that as my mantra as I weave in and out of boxes and crap piled high in each and every room. I asked Robin if we could go back on the road while they move their stuff in and someone finds out what "crap" needs to be given/thrown away.

My husband has a sense of humor. Ask me if we wanted to take the brood to Chihuahua Festival 2012. Between Sophie and Pebbles, we have some pretty smart dogs. Pixel would not "lower" herself to such things.

Remember the poem, "I had a little shadow, she went in and out with me .... "? Pebbles will not let me out of her sight. Devotion ... both ways. ') All day in the garage with me. If I have the door closed, she is patiently waiting for me at the door. She and Sophie are BFF already. It is so very sweet to watch. She has the most beautiful gate ... she walks like a model on a runway, fast and agile. She is going "potty" outside. Is still very nervous but is really fitting in.

Saw this tonight on CBS News ... Spencer West was born with a genetic defect that made his legs useless, so much that doctors ultimately amputated them at the hip. As Scott Pelley reports, his disability never broke his spirit or stopped him from climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro for a charity. If you are feeling any self pity tonight, you need to watch this inspirational, personal story of courage.

Affordable art is coming to Seattle. I hope I can be a part of it.

Also, Thumbtack Press, where I have spent more money trying to get a freelance job that I got any freelance jobs and finally deleted my account ... now has Affordable art site. Worth checking out? Maybe.


Scott W said...

Pebbles is presh, glad she's fitting in so well.

Kim Carney said...

Me too! Thank you.