Saturday, July 07, 2012

The last leg? Or on my last leg?

"Every person on this planet has a story to tell, something that makes them unique adding to the whole." From Daily Om. 

This has been true throughout the last 4 weeks. 

We checked in early last night because we were exhausted from getting up at 6a and driving for 6 hours. Almost to the destination Pebbles started having "a little tummy trouble". (For a couple of hours). I think her being in a crate most of the day, not really eating or doing her business. She is a chihuahua, they are nervous little creatures. Thankfully, I know this about them. Am going to look for some rice to feed her this morning.

Between trying to make sure she was okay, washing out carriers, finding a laundry mat, etc ... in the heat. Well, you get the picture. She and I fell asleep arm in arm, before 9pm. The last two nights I have not had internet connection. Spent most of the nights trying to get on ... calling 800 help desk that never answer. Only this morning, while I am packing up, was I able to connect. My batteries have gone out on my mouse. The new rechargeable batteries are not working ;( 

I think I am down to a couple of pair of undies, all T-shirts dirty, maybe one pair of very wrinkle pants, had my prescriptions re-filled here ... we are on our last leg of the journey. Trying to figure out which route to head home one.


Anonymous said...

It will feel good to sleep in your own bed again

Tara Ross Studios said...

oops that was me!