Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Souvenirs that bark

I don't where I left off in our saga but the last few days have really been a blur. We have been following terrific thunderstorms and keep ending up somewhere that the electricity has gone out. Passed through South of the Border. I am not even sure where that was. 


We stayed with a friend last night in S. Carolina and I woke up to this with my coffee. 

Then we were off to Atlanta, where Robin was scheduled to adopt a dog she had found on the internet. Here is the deal ... we left with three! Two for her and one for me. I don't know how it happened ... but it did. This is Pebbles ... this is the photo I sent to David saying "do you think we can take another chihuahua"? (Please don't look at me ... very dirty, sweaty, tired).

This is Pebbles after her bath in the hotel room.

And completely exhausted from today's events. She is waiting for me to jump in bed right now for some snuggles.


ELFI said...

moi aussi..j'ai une petite chichi..

Anonymous said...


amanda said...


Peruby said...

Oh, god! That would be me, too. I would come out of a shelter with all the dogs I could hold. If I could I would get a pipe liked the pied piper and have all stray cats and dogs follow me.

Wait...I think I already have that pipe!

Wonderful pics - nice journey. I am enjoying it!

phlegmfatale said...

kismet! I, too, have adopted a rescue pup recently. She's a little squirt (literally), but she's a joy to have around, and I'm so happy I could help save a little life. :)

Glad you got your travel on. I'm having travel envy!

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