Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home again

I woke up to fog, cold and a view of wonderful hydrangeas blooming! My wonderful husband has the yard looking perfect for my return.

Pebbles woke up early to go out and seems to be adjusting okay for a dog who just spent 6 days in a soft crate and traveled across the U.S. She is very quiet. Sophie is dying to play with her. Pica is ignoring her completely. Pixel not sure what to do with her. 

The phone and text have been going off since 7 am. Neglected freelance work to look after this morning. I really have to take this day off before I start in to finish some things ... but making apology phone calls to those I have been neglecting for the last 2 weeks.

I ask mom of make me red beans for dinner last night. We rolled in around 5pm after 4 days of hard driving, fast shooting, quick dog peeing on the side of the road. It has not sunk in that I was gone for 1 month. Not sure how many 1,000 of miles we drove. But beautiful images are flashing through my head. Names and faces of people I met along the way popping up.

I am trying to get over a dizzy feeling ... I think from 30 days of constant movement! I finally took a shower after (insert number of days in here, mom will not let me say how many) ... drinking a real cup of coffee (not Starbucks). Will unpack my filthy clothes later today ... but right now, I am feeling a nap coming on. And maybe some shows that D has taped for me to watch.

Robin and I have seen the most beautiful landscapes! I only had a cell phone , so pardon my "drive-by shooting". I have tons of paintings in my head right now. And can't wait to get my canvas out!  (But right now, I am off to the sofa).


Kate I said...

Kim, I thoroughly enjoyed going on this road trip with you! It must have been amazing to drive all those miles, see all those sights and meet all those wonder it feels a bit surreal to you. New vista's and landscapes were likely the perfect thing for you to gain new perspectives and inspiration. So glad you had such a great experience with Robin...and the dogs!

Anonymous said...

... and you took those incredible pics with your cell phone??

Robin better watch her back! :- )


SO glad you (and Pebbles) are home!! I'm sure you made your family's day.

Get some much-deserved rest and sleep, and jot us a post when you're up to it! We love you!

Maggy said...

I second that last message .. those were amazing pictures!

I can't wait for you to decompress and tell us more about your trip w/ Robin .. I only lived a sliver of it when I met up with you in NC, but .. OH, the things you must have seen, the places you ventured to and the people you met .. oh my. We've only gotten a glimpse of it, and I, for one, would LOVE to hear more. So much more!

Scott W said...

A good nap makes the world a better place!