Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Recycled sweater bits

I was looking for a cotton sweater today while eating my lunch. It is cool enough for a sweater, cotton, layered stuff but not the wool yet. Ran across some delicious things!
Jill2Day recycled sweaters on etsy ... oh, my!

This find on flickr

Tutorial from OutsaPop and lots more yummy things.

Jeanne Williamson made a really cute one.

Just lentil, dress and tunics ... adorable!

Waiting for class to start! ;)


S'mee said...

holy. holy. holy.

cow, hannah, or mother of pearl.

Kim Carney said...

yes, that is exactly what i said!!!!!



jill said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my work!
- Glad to see that you like these - check out a couple of new custom items I just finished:

Jill (from Jill2day)