Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jump Rope Dance

This is totally worth watching ... Jump Rope Dance, have no idea how they do that!


S'mee said...

Proof that space aliens live among us.

#1 it was held at a military facility.

#2 There are actual "bears" sitting in the stands watching ; )

#3 No regular human could perform that well...holy cow.

my only concern is that in the first routine they allow three f the girls to do a triple knee drop (falling from a standing or jumping position to a full knee impact) we did this back in the day on the hard woods..made a very cool smacking sound, and if you did it correctly didn't hurt, just looked like it did. However, in my 20's I learned that those knee drops cracked the cartilage in my knees and I needed replacement. I am 51 and have the knees of a 90 yr old, so full of arthritis because the cartilage was destroyed...e gads, not fun to not walk.

Bill Stankus said...

Two thoughts.
An audience of Navy boys is perfect for appreciation of the physical effort, cadence and team work displayed by the jump ropers.

2nd thought. More jump roping, less fat people.