Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free Friday

I took Friday off! "Baby", Pixel had "female" surgery. We were all on pins and needles until she got home safely later that day. She can't jump or run or play because of a couple of stitches, so we are carrying her around a lot. Well, D carries her around anyway.


While waiting to pick up Pixel at surgery (I was anxious and early) ... picked up some tea for a good friend and then took a little time to go to the beach to look for a heart rock to send off to Lubbock. Just a sprinkle of rocks because of high tide, but lots of beach glass. Like someone had come and thrown them on the beach. I wish I had had my camera. It was raining. Gray water with lighter glimmers of gray against gray clouds and gray fog moving quickly over the Olympic mountains. Everything disappeared from the beach to the horizon into a million shades of gray and it was quiet and beautiful. Empty beach because of the rain.

Julie and I have been so busy at work producing some exciting stuff the last week, A Woman's Nation, I designed the background and look for TODAY's Mom (something for twitter) and I threw together Tip of the Spear in a couple of days. All fun and very exciting, but it felt good to have a day off ... working on homework. Sitting at the computer, watching slow fluffy clouds floating quickly against a threatening sky. Birds flying and playing in high winds. The air was so very fresh today after a day of high winds and rain.

Today, still working on homework. When it started raining I thought ... "a nap sounds really good right now". So I went horizontal in front of a movie for a couple of hours with "the baby" snuggled close to me. Rain and thunder. D went after crab on sale for dinner and we ended up with crowd for dinner. Good time talking to the kids about all kinds of stuff from scuba to sky diving.

Also purchased my "new company" domain name and website! All excited about that. Will tell more when it is closer to realization.

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Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i just read this...and it made me cry...i want to come walk the beach with you...*sigh*...